FOUR​.​FOUR: 1​/​4

by Heather Christian & the Arbornauts

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Rule thumbnail
Rule Another complex and lovely release from Heather. Favorite track: Heartbeat.
Jen thumbnail
Jen The concept for this series is genius - just a shame that in Australia the seasons are out of whack! 'Heartbeat' is one of my favourite songs ever - let alone on this EP. You have to listen! Favorite track: Heartbeat.
Paul Engel
Paul Engel thumbnail
Paul Engel Please tell my wife that if I'm ever in a coma and there's all this TV drama around Will I Ever Come Out Of It, that all you have to do is put headphones on me and loop The End over and over and over, and every time I hear it I'll start to swell just a little bit more than the last time, until finally my nervous system will swell up and out of the black cloud and I'll open my eyes and everybody will cry that It's A Miracle and then there will be cake. Favorite track: The End / Whatever.
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The FOUR.FOUR EP series is a seasonal EP collection (Winter thru Fall) that documents a calendar year in the evolution of building and tuning a home studio and living through the seasons as they come. Radiators have been left in. Traffic and mistakes and piano bench squeaks and everything else plays as it was always meant to be there. This EP is a pop-surrealist Vivaldi experiment into what a season does to the heart, but also serves as our sonic snapshot, a love note in super 8, during a year the Arbornauts finally started to build the Arbor and had to learn, over time, to use it.

This EP, 1/4 serves as Winter.


released December 1, 2015

Songs and the Singing of them: Heather Christian
Cello, piano, and organ: Heather Christian
Drums on "Brother"and "Six Years" : Matt Bogdanow
Ghost Guitar on "Foxes": Sasha Brown
Bass on "Brother": Matt Hubbs
All other sounds, warbles, and the noise wrangling: Matt Hubbs
Mixed and Engineered by Matt Hubbs
at the Arbor in Beacon, NY.


all rights reserved



Heather Christian & The Arbornauts Beacon, New York

An Arbornaut is a three way cross between a flying squirrel, an astronaut, and an angel. I know one as soon as I spot one. They are naturally occuring in nature. I had a dream about them once and started a band. We are a choir and we are an orchestra. We are disgruntled classical musicians & believers in musical traditions of feeling lots of things. This is the noise from the inside of a root. ... more

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Track Name: The End / Whatever
Never Never Never Stop
Oh Never Never Never

Never Never Never Stop
Oh Never Never Never

Never Never Never Stop
Oh Never Never Never

Never Never Never Stop
Oh Never Never Never

And maybe you'll know where you've been
and come out of the the woods,
The End
The End
The End
The End
The End

The End
The End
Track Name: Brother
How many How many
Rattlesnaking reasons kept you from that tomorrow that you just squinted shut and
Now Imma Now Imma
Measuring in seasons, measuring in summers and the colors of your truck

You were just a baby with a cotton head
Hoard your planes of balsa-wood in the burnt out shed, now you're

Fist fulla waters and cypress greens and you
Only want tomorrows and the things I seen.

Cycling, Hyper you never found Jesus
But who am I to tell you how the world gon' crack
Straight shooting dollars, you spend em where you pleases
your heart't in blues and purples but you don't look back

You are still a badger with a lion's mane
Build your dams and bridges where the river came and it

Washed and it lost all the shit you built around you but
Damned if you don't fix it with your tape and square.

How you gonna row with your palace waiting
How you gonna row with that load of shale
How you gonna find where the water will take you
towing home your sister so you can't hoist sail

You my friend you my friend
that I don't speak to in English, but love you just as wordless where the wind can't cut
Family's a feeling, it's bottomless and thing-less and
when the flood I'll help you keep the door slam shut.

No body knows where the road will take you
No body knows if the road'll come
Hope is a whisper of shrewd speculation
You board the raft you carry then the tide's gonna come and

Back to the valley to the burnt out plain
Back to Catahoula Parish or the Ivory Shore
Back to the chorus
Back from whence you came
Back to sucking on the sap around the apple core

Hoisting high a shovel like a native spear
Back to taking pencil tally of the things you hear in the
Dark wrestling tree frogging nights of light and splendor
and talking awful quiet by the cypress shore
Track Name: Foxes
Friend, I have lost us
Mechanized, tossed us out
and sold for a cloud
Where herons don't slumber
Kept in their numbered hearts
Split half poles apart.

Fox in the parlor singing something at Vesuvius, he lives, he's an arbor in a skeleton of suits til now and Why
Why's I trusted with kindle and flame
I hurt the hands like a brick would, like a prick would
Like a wing-cycle icy cocoon
Like a shark bite
and one day, you're a stingray
And I love you I love you you're gone

Beats only watching
Notes notch their own souls out
In paper and grout
Warm one in winter
Kept in my suit and rubbed hot when I worry
Held fast in my armory
High as the crimson shore
That rages no more

Fox in the flat bed, he's thumbing for a ride somewhere away from his bunk head and no one understands why he's around

Why's I trusted with silver and stone
Ay, why's I gilded and carted before it started
Like a night watching tundra goes pink and won't bloom
like the sound did, tho unfounded
I received you, believed you
I'm wrong
Track Name: Six Years
Behind the old brick wall
Where Arlington meets South Main
I drew a map to God
And Nobody prayed for rain
Nobody knew the difference and
Nobody knew my name
I drew a map and winter came.

Grandaddy worked on planes
and smelled like a Denver pine
Barreling down the interstate in Lakeshore's silty mud
I'm 6 years old and I know love

(oh oh oh)
( a b c d e f g h i j k l m n oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh)

Kept in a willow tree
written on shoelace ties
marrying 5 or 3 good boys
rescuing fireflies
I drew a map to Arkansas and I made a sequin glove
I'm 6 years old and I know love
Track Name: Heartbeat
Angel in the corner gotta whisper just to keep him like a fever like a flourish like a soldier ivy creeping underneath my door
maybe I won't cry no more

Hush so I can hear him soft his shoes and tuned his ear to birds and otters dogs and bees who leap and holler crash and boom and shine some silver light
maybe they'll stay tonight

Nobody knows where the heartbeat'll take you
Nobody knows but it pumps all the same

Wrap me in silver shadow
Sing with me one last time
Don't talk about tomorrow
Reason, recall, rewind

Following the thread I see the dead in all the corners like a trail of living blue that plants a moon over the tub and tries to hold me tight
Maybe it'll be alright

Whatchoo gonna fold with the paper
Whatchoo gonna paint with the spear

It's all too narrow close to marrow close to bone
it's just you on your own

Nobody knows what ghost's gonna name you
Nobody knows but you're here all the same
Nobody knows where the heartbeat'll take you

ba boom
ba boom
ba boom

You be a silver shadow
Sing with me one last time
Don't talk about tomorrow
Reason, recall, rewind

Ages and pages and ghost light
Weasels'll screech their songs
Joy is the only birthright
There can't be nothing wrong

There can't be nothing wrong
There can't be nothing wrong
There can't be nothing wrong
There can't be nothing wrong.