FOUR​.​FOUR: 2​/​4

by Heather Christian & the Arbornauts

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The FOUR.FOUR EP series is a seasonal EP collection (Winter thru Fall) that documents a calendar year in the evolution of building and tuning a home studio and living through the seasons as they come. Radiators have been left in. Traffic and mistakes and piano bench squeaks and everything else plays as it was always meant to be there. This EP is a pop-surrealist Vivaldi experiment into what a season does to the heart, but also serves as our sonic snapshot, a love note in super 8, during a year the Arbornauts finally started to build the Arbor and had to learn, over time, to use it.

This EP, 2/4, serves as Spring.


released March 24, 2016

Songs and the Singing of them: Heather Christian
Engineered and Mixed: Matty Hubbs

Piano: Heather Christian
Guitars and Starlight: Sasha Brown
Drums: Matt Bogdanow
Violin: Hannah Heller
Additional Voices: Jill Frutkin, Sasha Brown, Jake Heinrichs, Tony Suttle, Bridget Suttle, Monica Bastable, Jason Craig, Jessica Jelliffe and Charlie.

Mastering Wizardry: Tim Boyce at The Sound Design Mastering

Special Thanks to Stowe Nelson and Graham Johnson for the loan of fancy microphones, and to Colbert Davis for the loan of fancy mix-facilitating speakers at your home. Your generosity with expensive toys is the only reason these songs are audible. We love you. xoxo


all rights reserved



Heather Christian & The Arbornauts Beacon, New York

An Arbornaut is a three way cross between a flying squirrel, an astronaut, and an angel. I know one as soon as I spot one. They are naturally occuring in nature. I had a dream about them once and started a band. We are a choir and we are an orchestra. We are disgruntled classical musicians & believers in musical traditions of feeling lots of things. This is the noise from the inside of a root. ... more

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Track Name: Gabriel Job & Peter
Gabriel Job & Peter played a tune for me
and I turn it in my head when all the world gets green
and throw my hammer hard into its melody
when I can't remember nothing but the ground

Tho my mind's a memory of its once white light
I squint and I can see you almost every night
Behind the doors and alleys kept away from sight
The closest thing to Truth is just the sound:


Cherry, cherry, blackened thorn and evergreen
and thirty years, an ocean and a wind machine
Blow the hollow boat back to the things I mean
When I can't remember nothing but the ground
Track Name: Impressionist / Crater

Lark of the moon when it bends its arm
Shutters and starlight all wet in the barn
Red rover clover, go ring the alarm
The sea has a shutter, my gutter-head smells it's salt

Ragweed and stink where my mouth should be
Blood in the holler, milk in the tree
Who out of you would remember me,
You're older my friend
At the end of your golden vault

So what's left to shadow and who to ride
When I've undone the blankets and the sheets inside
And what of your skulk
your ilk
your pride
your bevy
your kin
your massacre
flock and folk

Blood is a signal that means a thing
Like the names of the dead in a clover ring
Eye for an eye, a crown for a king, a laser for God, a thimble for someone small

Ounces of May in a tepid rain
This old ballerina will dance again
On tippy-top-toes til we all go lame
From coffee and tea and the magic from whence we came


I have carved a Crater in your moon

All the sounds
Sleeping heads
All they tryin to catch you

Is you is
Cain't you bite
It ain't right what's eating at you,

and Why don't you love me
You were put here to love me
I'm howl and I'm homely
I'm so tired and lonely
My friends number only
Myself and my homey
The Moon

Bubbles out
Deeds done right
Why'nt you hang a picture on your wall

When you dream
You alright
Why you feel the need to wake at all

It's different for no ones
The smart ones the slow ones
The hot ones the mad ones
the easily led ones
And I'm so tired and lonely
I'm howl and I'm homely
My friends number only
Myself and my homey
the Moon

Don't say I didn't warn ya
It's a burn that makes a tide
Reach inside my hollow barn-yah
There's not a lot of pride
Just kindle for the fire

I have carved a crater for you
Track Name: White Train
I was a black train in an all white station
and now I'm a white train in an all black room

Jesus and propane, both in moderation
I'm nearly a good one.

Help in the heartland, by the lines and lizards
I'm half way to Texas before the animal kicks in

Somedays I see you for your shocked green innards
And those days are easy--

like I got maps of where the
land mines are buried up under the stove pipe
soaked in ammonia and sold for a song
forgive me, Father, I betray my eyesight
grabbing at blankets and trying to belong

I need a freight train full of roots and levers
To show me some large things, like a dinosaur's arm

Alone in the slow lane with a hot blood fever
I pass with my one eye

What the Druids called a query for gods in the prime of their seasons
laughing at small creatures, spiting the moon
far an away without rockets or reasons
I'm an all white train in this all black room
Track Name: Silo
Polar, my bear
Heavy, my thrum
Tucked in the air above me

coo coo roo coo de-coo
Coo roo roo Come Again.

I'm 9 or 10
You're 17
You're not my friend
You're something

coo coo roo coo de-coo
Coo roo roo Come Again.

Summer stains you blood red
Red gains you an eye
Toothsome wonder
We ain't wet, just thundering
Coo roo do coo de-coo
Coo roo do coo de-coo

Split at the tear's my cypress tree
One's here, One's there
They're both me

coo coo roo coo de-coo
Coo roo roo Come Again.

So, to sleep
So I can see your streaking
Blue and white, long lingering
Child, blind figuring
3 fold 5 fold GO

Time is a Failure
Love is a soaring silo

Coo roo do coo-de-coo
Coo roo do coo-de coo

Polar, my bear
Polar, my bear
Track Name: Out of Nowhere
Darling where do I begin
Oh my darling where do I begin
I have wandered these streets without a friend
I will try not to write you another sad song

Cause at some point the snowstorm's all end
And the ball joint and jackhammers mend us and maybe then
I'll get savvy about love
I will find you and keep you in the seam of this chair

Silent nowhere
Silent nowhere
Silent nowhere
Silent nowhere

Swan song, the lightning chord dies
Taking with it my elbows and eyes and around the
heart-place the angel complies
All is patchwork and needlepoint swatches of green

Out of nowhere
Out of nowhere
Out of nowhere
Out of nowhere

Out of sight, out the eyes in the dark
Out like a light, darlin, secret and sparking so
Green eyed and grown now to Giants and mud
Out of Nowhere