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released August 7, 2014

All songs arranged by Heather Christian & the Arbornauts collectively
Produced Engineered and Mixed by Brian Bender @ the Motherbrain, BK

Special Thanks:
Every single individual who donated to the kickstarted campaign who's overflow made this record possible with a special nod to those fierce individuals in Australia, Canada and the UK who gave especially of their hearts and pocketbooks (you know who you are.)
Tater Dave Polato for feeding hungry Arbornauts
Chie Morita, Courtland Premo, David Loewy
Rachel Chavkin and Matt Bogdanow for album order dramaturgical prowess
moms, dads, best friends, significant others and animal friends for companionship, support and heart- especially Nathan, Molly, Juliana, Lea, Hannah, Jill and Moses.


all rights reserved



Heather Christian & The Arbornauts Beacon, New York

An Arbornaut is a three way cross between a flying squirrel, an astronaut, and an angel. I know one as soon as I spot one. They are naturally occuring in nature. I had a dream about them once and started a band. We are a choir and we are an orchestra. We are disgruntled classical musicians & believers in musical traditions of feeling lots of things. This is the noise from the inside of a root. ... more

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Track Name: To the Rafter
Hey hey hey little girl
Raising a fist to the rafter
Fluster and fidget and leave it to curd
And leave quite a stink to come after

Hey hey hey little girl
Mole in the works, in the mortar
Brick after brick the whole sandcastle comes
and leaves all his enemies shorter

I was a rooster and how did I crow
Where did it go
Where did it go
Out in seclusion where nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows

Hey hey hey little girl
You got a crack in the ceiling
You got a leak in the floorboards, girl
The paint and the plaster be creeping

Hey hey hey little girl
Shut it an eat a banana
Crying out your eyes for a passenger train
Back home to Louisiana

Out of the window and into the cold
Do what I'm told
Do what I'm told
Here is my handle and here is my spout
Gon let it out
Gon let it out

Hey hey hey little girl
Shoulder that weapon you loaded
Huff and you puff and you blow the house down
No one will know it exploded
Track Name: Hurricane Walking
Hurricane walking don't you pick on me
Hurricane walking don't you pick on me, Lord
Carried these bags across the piano wire sea
Hurricane walking don't you pick on me

Hurricane dog I'm gonna scratch out your eyes
Tell on you to Mama and cut off your supply line
Leave you there for wanting
No one here will sympathize
Hurricane walking take your eyes off me


Hurricane coming gonna shink up the shores
Board up all the windows put the tape on the doors and
What is left I carry
What I need and can afford
Someone in the air will shine the light on me

Someone in the air will shine the light on me
Someone in the air will shine the light on me
Someone in the air will shine the light on me
Someone in the air will shine the light on me
Track Name: Youngblood
I'm young in my blood
I'm young in my blood
I'm young in my blood
I'm young in my blood
I'm big in my blood
I'm tall in my blood
I'm safe in my blood
I'm young in my blood

I'm thick with it loud
I'm thick with it loud
I can't walk around sometimes
Thick with this sound
And I'm young and I'm strong
The story's just wrong
And I can't say it out loud
But I'll still do you proud, lover

Oooooh wee
Oooooh wee
Oooooh wee child
Oooooh wee love

These sharks just ain't fair
Can't take em nowhere
They just point and they stare
Saying "ain't we a pair"
And I will not be tried, mistaken or lied to
But I'm young in my guts
And I'm young in my blood
Track Name: Phoenix
Katie gone and killed the unwed partners
On the Tchoupitoulas banks of New Orleans
She'd had fought him hard and seasoned it with something good
Now she folds her woes all diced up in her greens
She was an old soul of the highway
The interstate runs both ways when it's dry

Spindly trees and cypress call the coroner
Like a baby singing out his ABC's
Blocks of cinder stone, she built it out of picture frames
And the bones of Irish scholars lost to time and lost to me
But a stiff wind on the spillway will take its brothers down without their names
On the tenter hooks of Easter
The phoenix rises
Something rises

She's the sister of a spend-thrift whore on Magazine
With a crystal ball, a deck of spades and dice
Crying half the night, she can't get how she's kin to me
But the blue blot on the paper sure looks nice
And she's lost her love to speedways and the hazy back and forth of yellow stripes
He was the best buck out of Houston, but he never learned to treat his ladies right

And the sirens call, we're taken out in Sunday's best
With our black umbrellas, beads and our claims to fly
Singing Hey Hosanna We Live in America
on the shale bed shank of somewhere cool and dry

And no matter what they tell me, I am bound and determined there to take my rest
On the bird perch of the old south, a decades walk through something stiff at best
And no matter what they tell me, I am bound and determined
Bound, determined
Track Name: ManCave
You ain't got no cell phone, you don't pop no swerve. You ain't got no land line, so that's why I ain't heard. From you. Maybe you in Canada but a sister needs some noise, can you hear me little brother from your MANCAVE.

If I'm not sentimental, and promise that I'll knock, and promise not to sniffle, and promise not to talk (at you) too much, can you spare a minute or a dollar or a dime can you call collect, Sweet Jesus, from your MANCAVE.


You don't got to miss me or wax poetic long or 'splain why you didn't kiss me just pick the goddamned phone up would you, maybe risking dignity, appearances and swag, guess the grass is always greener from a MANCAVE.

shut up.
Track Name: House Hymn
Wolfbone lookin
Buffalo, Brooklyn
Hope is on the way
Marigold, Merlin
Jacksonville, Berlin
Hope is on the way
So light your birthday candles
And hold your lighters high
Vaudeville, Mudville
Nothing heals like time will
Hope is on the way

Hummingbird, Panda
Lion's share, Manta
Hope is somewhere near
Undo your shoes, rest contented and choose to think
Hope could be somewhere near
So put a kettle on, love
and breathe your breath and sigh
Let the bells sound, let the house come on down because
Hope is on the way
Let the bells sound let the house come on down because
Hope is on the way
Track Name: Road
Road, lift your heels
I come up empty
Road, stretch your arms
so you can send me

Twist your cap on tighter
Kiss these tired knees goodnight
And take me away from here

Road, lift your eyes
I don't come easy
I squeezed and dwarfed in size
So no one sees me

A lark, a laser shot and gone
I carry half my years in songs
But I'm not the problem here

(la la la la la la la la la)

Angels of my past
I ask you humbly
The scrapers pierce the skin,
the blood goes bumbling
And all is guts and go light greens
Show me once what being alive now means

And I'll drop and anchor
I will be thankful
I will be someone there.