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w.robbie.scott Continuing their juggernaut tour as the awesome. They are, in my opinion, among the very finest. Favorite track: Jerk, or maybe King of Cotton. Favorite track: Jerk.
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Jen Pay day! HC&A Day! Yey! Excited anticipation when a new release from Heather is announced. Always a different hypnotic sound; always absorbing lyrics. Love! Favorite track: Chameleon.
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Rule All releases by HC&tA have to be bought. Her music really is uplifting and thoughtful. It has the rythmns, hooks and melodies to make you smile and shuffle a little jig in the kitchen while you cook roast pumpkin cannelloni Favorite track: Animal Wisdom.
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released June 1, 2017

All songs written by Heather Christian

All songs arranged by Heather Christian & the Arbornauts, collectively

Produced + Engineered + Mixed by Brian Bender @ the Motherbrain, BK and The Motherbrain, LA

Mastered @ Abbey Road

Fueled by love, fallout, house fires, temporary psychosis,
good coffee, long friends, re-location, diaspora, resilience,
tacos, sunshine, buddy pass plane tickets, good dogs, great lovers, vintage synthesizers, new ideas, the theoretical power of the crystals,
the theoretical value of positive thinking, 4 hurricanes, 3 marriages,
quick dips in the pool and You, You, You, You, YOU.

Heather Christian & the Arbornauts are:

Heather Christian
Jon Anderson
Matt Bogdanow
Sasha Brown
Chris Giarmo
Gabe Gordon
Josh Myers

(specific instrumental credits are listed with their respective tracks)

Thank you for playing.


all rights reserved



Heather Christian & The Arbornauts Beacon, New York

An Arbornaut is a three way cross between a flying squirrel, an astronaut, and an angel. I know one as soon as I spot one. They are naturally occuring in nature. I had a dream about them once and started a band. We are a choir and we are an orchestra. We are disgruntled classical musicians & believers in musical traditions of feeling lots of things. This is the noise from the inside of a root. ... more

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Track Name: Backwards
Tome in the kitchen

You don't come round
You don't know what you're missin

Head thrown backwards
Head thrown backwards

Jessica and Michael and Stephen
Packed your maps, so I know that you're leavin

Time rolls backwards
Time rolls backwards
Track Name: Animal Wisdom
One big enemy silence
Two feet walking beside us
Three more years put behind us
Just to remind us.

Foresight ever before me
wrong like riddance's story
Spell my name if you wanna,
thinkin you gonna


Piece of animal wisdom,
felt round hammers in tandem
plunk, scrape, shift and yousendit
I don't recommend it


Silver star and cable wire
for fun at the table
and I do naught but my best and
will keep you guessin
Track Name: Chameleon
Tough little bean in my pocket
Soft little crab in his shell
Baby so maybe you want it
Or maybe you will.

Kiss me like I'm your chameleon
Bellow to yellow to glass
And we will skirt round the edge of our problem
so maybe it will pass.

Coward, this fat moon singing

singing slow
to your core
to your magma
Sharks in the water get green
And I will invoke the love lost incanta
So maybe you will

Curses this blind fool who made me
Curses the slow hand in tandem
Wing on a wing soothe companion
That thickens this pine sap that stops me
From moving in your direction

singing slow
little star
little dreamer,
busted in your rusted canoe

it may take a million to fill you
so maybe you do
so maybe you do
Track Name: Cocoon
Float on you massacring tidal wave

I have saved for you, scrimped for you and salvaged.

and I feel light coming
here in this cocoon

Blossom you butterfly winged darling one

It is safe here its home its like your mother's

And I fear for nothing
here in this cocoon

Fly wings
Fly darling
Fly away
Track Name: Hudson
Take these impossible plans
and this brick in my hands
and sink us in the Hudson

Tell me that I'm more than I make
let the foundation quake
let the storm tear asunder.

And paint little navy hearts on the back of my hands
so I know where you are

And can look at them long
Know you're singing along
Long after I forget you.

Somewhere, a boat and bin
where the quick is too thin
to lay dreams in for building

And brick upon brick I am still
Despite want of my will
the one fool bird who is shrilling

Blue in your cavernous heart
a barometric gauge
I will check how you are

lover spackled with age
from my tiny brown cage
Where I've asked you to listen

and you won't
no you won't
you will not
you will never
you won't.

so I'll pack up the tackle

and drifter
you shifted and
and no one is note

I will tack up the sails
put some paint on my nails
and lie through my teeth

you've got me dreaming of secrets and of cutting my hair
and then waking up eager

I feel like the fjords are all empty
they have grounded somewhere
now we rot in the ether

Check off the rest of the line
its all feathers and glow
and it's just one more time
that I've launched a canoe
set it out for to do
things that were my own business

and you won't
no you won't
you will not
you will never
you won't

So I'll patch up the axle

and I'll scream here
and preen this old
bird out to dry
in the bloat

I will patchwork the dam
See how handy I am
And then pin prick the brickwork.
Track Name: Jerk
Jasper County jerk you drunk and bonafide
Tilting to the hilt you make me hurt inside my throat
So go and paddle your boat

Fishy little flirt you got a tuna head
kicking up the dirt around my flower bed, that's fair
Just gon' sit back in my chair

Think you a bigger baby better than the other ones in a choke
Think you some hot shit son but don't you suffocate from the smoke

Long ago you bit me with your sharky teeth
dropping bait and jumping bail and leaving me confused
but après moi le deluge

you got no sense of class ain't got no quality
so why you gotta act like such a jerk to me goddamn.
no way no unh uh no ma'am

Think you a bigger baby but that shit don't magnify under glass
You just some film flam brother who can't take his foot off the gas

Because you dirty dirty
you dirty you dirty
dirty dirty
you dirty you dirty
dirty dirty
you dirty you dirty

(etc. ad nauseum et. alia. and goodbye.)
Track Name: King Of Cotton
I am the King of Cotton
I'm on the levee side
Never will I mate or marry
No maiden, an easy bride
no more
no more
no more

Red skeleton bones that built me
Roll round in their painted pins
my tribe has a longing language
Blood's high when the water's thin
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord

Play me my life on your concertina
Play me my life on your tambourine
Spin me a yarn from your pastures greener
Say it's all alright

Play me my life on your snare drum, soldier
Play me my life on your violin
I'll be a swan, though I'm ever older
Say it's all alright